Crystian Freiberger Wave Armchair
Wave Armchair is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Wave Armchair

The Wave armchair is a sculpted masterpiece that piques curiosity with its unique shape. Design inspired by the rolling waves of the sea, which are characterized by more volume at the base as they form, before curving and gradually "breaking down" to taper at the ends. The seat and backrest are suspended without touching each other, thanks to a slightly flexible structure entirely composed of fiberglass. The fluidity and movement of the waves are captured with the curved base providing a slight swinging motion that enhances comfort, harmonizes with the human body during use.

Wave Armchair
Crystian Freiberger Wave
Crystian Freiberger Armchair
Crystian Freiberger design
Crystian Freiberger design
Crystian Freiberger

Since he was very young, Crystian Freiberger has been in contact with the furniture industry. His parents, who came from humble origins, founded the Bell'Arte Group in 1987 and built their first house next to the company. As he grew up, he gained experience in the industry along with his passion for design. He graduated in production engineering and developed self-taught design skills. Together with his family, the company has become one of the leading high-end furniture brands in Brazil, with over 150 clients, including exports to more than 10 countries.

Quorum Home Design

Quorum Home Design is the exclusive brand from Grupo Bell’Arte, specialized in high-end furniture production in Brazil since 1987. Launched in 2018, Quorum Home Design is designed by renowned designers who mix provocative design with the finest materials comfort systems available.