Brusset Sébastien Jam-Vision X Sbrusset Sunglasses
Jam-Vision X Sbrusset Sunglasses is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Eyewear Design Award Category.
Jam-Vision X Sbrusset Sunglasses

Art and design mixed together into a pair of sunglasses. Organic volumes take the benefit of 3D printing tech, to reach a minimalistic structure, while technically wise, everything is made to be reliable, simple, and fully sustainable. Thanks to the patented screwless magnetic hinge, 100 percent recycled stainless steel temples, additive manufacturing, and made on demand program, designers ensure to limit the waste as much as possible, during the whole cycle of the product.

Jam-Vision X Sbrusset Sunglasses
Brusset Sébastien Jam-Vision X Sbrusset
Brusset Sébastien Sunglasses
Brusset Sébastien design
Brusset Sébastien design
Brusset Sébastien

Self-taught designer with more than twenty years of experience in eyewear industry, Sebastien has at first run a first design company during ten years, specialized in eyewear, Then, after being creative director for Alain Mikli, and Design and Marketing global director at Logo (TAG Heuer, Fred, etc.), he funded JAW Studio, in order to offer global design service to eyewear. More specialized on innovation, and premium market, the studio made a turn during COVID lockdown to creat its own brand to offer fully sustainable and innovative products.

SBrusset Artist & Designer

JAM Vision is an Eyewear brand that is specialized in collaborating with artists, brands, and more generally people who are concerned by sustainability, innovation and high creativity. SBrusset is the brand owned by Sébastien Brusset for his artist activity, apart of his CEO position at JAM Vision. It was natural to make those 2 brands collaborating together to create a product in between a pure design object, and a piece of art.