Anna Maria Sokolowska Stodolove Residential Architecture
Stodolove Residential Architecture is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Stodolove Residential Architecture

Realization of the reconstruction of a farm building from 1940, in a district of the city, which is a remnant of a former village. Beautiful location in a valley surrounded by forest and next to fish ponds. The reconstruction assumed a reference in the body and finish of the building's facade to the former barns. Attention to detail, respect for the history and tradition of the place, and the character of the buildings of the old village. The facade and roof were made of charred boards Scandinavian spruce and Siberian larch, and automatic shutters refer to the barn gates.

Stodolove Residential Architecture
Anna Maria Sokolowska Stodolove
Anna Maria Sokolowska Residential Architecture
Anna Maria Sokolowska design
Anna Maria Sokolowska design
Anna Maria Sokolowska

I am an architect by vocation and a lifelong passion for architecture and good design. Over 17 years in the interior design industry, I have built a personal brand that is widely recognised. In 2014, one of my projects "circled" the globe and its photos appeared on all the best portals and trade magazines in the world. Therefore, it would be difficult for me to list all the publications I have collected over the years of my activity. Until 2016, my company operated under the name Dragon Art, I changed it to build a stronger position in the market under my own name. I am known for my appearances, lectures and talks at various events for architects and designers. Sharing my experience and helping designers is my mission in life.

Anna Maria Sokolowska

As an architect, I mainly focus on working with individual clients, I also operate in the sector of arranging office spaces, and arranging common spaces for real estate development projects. In my work, I focus on a broad analysis of the client's needs at the initial stage of project work, timeless solutions and style tailored to top design trend with respect for the client's needs.