Yawen Chen Marimask Biodegradable Mask
Marimask Biodegradable Mask is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Disposable and Single-Use Product Design Award Category.
Marimask Biodegradable Mask

Every month that the planet faces the coronavirus, an estimated 200 billion disposable face masks are being disposed of and entering rivers and oceans. These synthetic PPE items can hurt marine life by entangling them with straps, polluting the environment with their Non-biodegradable material. Marimask is a face mask with easy-cutting straps. It guides people to click the button, which can easily cut off the mask straps, aiming to reduce the risk of marine life strangled by masks. Being made of Biodegradable Materials, it can be degraded and composted later after use.

Marimask Biodegradable Mask
Yawen Chen Marimask
Yawen Chen Biodegradable Mask
Yawen Chen design
Yawen Chen design
Yawen Chen

陈亚文,华南理工大学设计系大学生 她于2021年加入MTX设计工作室,开始与 队友一起创作作品,并报名参加设计 赛。她赢得了几个进球,并正在尽最 努力为整个社会创造更有意义的想法 。