sxdesign Widgtech Ashman Photovoltaic Cleaning Car
Widgtech Ashman Photovoltaic Cleaning Car is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Robotics, Automaton and Automation Design Award Category.
Widgtech Ashman Photovoltaic Cleaning Car

Widgtech Ashman is an intelligent solar panel cleaning vehicle, equipped with a pure electric-driven tracked chassis and intelligent pathfinding function. It has a centrally located 200-liter water storage tank, which supports cleaning operations for thousands of square meters of panels. The mechanical arm has six degrees of freedom, and is equipped with an image recognition module, atomizing water sprayer, and cleaning brush head. The image recognition module analyzes the cleanliness of the solar panels and controls the mechanical arm to perform cleaning operations.

Widgtech Ashman Photovoltaic Cleaning Car
sxdesign Widgtech Ashman
sxdesign Photovoltaic Cleaning Car
sxdesign design
sxdesign design

As a design studio in China, “SX” stands for Chinese “ShangXiang” which taken from “Yi Chuan”. The name expounds our core opinion: To build significance of daily life through the observation, extraction, abstraction and reorganization of phenomena. sxdesign creates and values languages and ideas of client and user, such as requirements, knowledge, or the attitude of sxdesign itself.


Widgtech is a comprehensive enterprise with multiple business forms, multi-directional sales and multiple market exhibitions. Its business scope covers artificial intelligence technology development, engineering system development, cultural brand and art planning and management, new product design and research and development, exhibition hall construction engineering, and VR virtual reality technology services.