Kuan Lu Zen Explorer Clothing
Zen Explorer Clothing is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Zen Explorer Clothing

Zen Explorer is a reverse exploration experiment on the non-standardization of fashion. The collection method of antique cloth textile materials is classified and stocked. It is combined with the traditional fermentation mode to produce natural blue dye materials and re-make with new cloth. Most of the craftsmanship is handmade, and respect and retain traditional crafts and graphics, incorporate new circular design concepts, bring daily dressing styles and have durability and uniqueness.

Zen Explorer Clothing
Kuan Lu Zen Explorer
Kuan Lu Clothing
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Kuan Lu design
Lu Kuan

Lu Kuan design studio reactivate the nourishing connotational wisdom of traditional Chinese culture in the past and explore to contemporary Chinese dress-code to more diversity. WU is a lifestyle brand that dedicated to Menswear Culture. Brand’s slogan - wū (means habitat), wú (means limitless), wǔ(means five senses), wù (means objects), which represent the brand's exploration in the origin of all things and its infiltration in four dimensions of lifestyles to build diversified high-quality life. Dressing is hidden in objects and objects give born to forms. The brand conveys essential aesthetics of natural materials and dressing constructions.