Zhouyang Xue Cooker Portable Stove
Cooker Portable Stove is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Outdoor Gear and Camping Equipment Design Award Category.
Cooker Portable Stove

Outdoor Picnics have become one of the modern styles advocated by young people. One chooses to come out of the city searching for a release and return from nature. The product excellently added the gas can, ovenware, fire source, and oil storage into several places providing a kind of beauty in life. The foldable structure of portable kitchenware is the "passport" of outdoor kitchenware, which is lightweight, has no burden, fashionable suitcase shape, is easy to carry, shows personality, and meets the aesthetic needs of young people.

Cooker Portable Stove
Zhouyang Xue Cooker
Zhouyang Xue Portable Stove
Zhouyang Xue design
Zhouyang Xue design
Zhouyang Xue

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