Zhou Leijing Startracks Educational Learning Toy
Startracks Educational Learning Toy is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Startracks Educational Learning Toy

Startracks is a steamboard match board game. Set in the context of interstellar exploration and based on astronomical knowledge, Startracks uses rubidium magnets to simulate the gravitational pull of the planets, allowing children to visualize the presence of gravity and immerse themselves in the game environment. In addition, the game's various mechanics are based on basic astrophysical knowledge, which makes the game fun and educational for children and stimulates their interest in learning astronomy and physics.

Startracks Educational Learning Toy
Zhou Leijing Startracks
Zhou Leijing Educational Learning Toy
Zhou Leijing design
Zhou Leijing design
Zhou Leijing

She has studied in the UK, the Netherlands and Singapore for many years. Her research direction is human-computer interaction and intelligent design. She has won more than 10 Red dot design awards, IF design awards etc. and published nearly 10 international journals and papers. She has participated in organizing the world industrial design conference, the world ecological design conference and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization ecological design leading class as the core personnel.

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