patrizia dottori Fireberg Environment Photographic Project
Fireberg Environment Photographic Project is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Fireberg Environment Photographic Project

The artist's project concerns a theme today at the center of global attention both at an institutional and population level: the environment. In these images the primary element is the ice and its melting. The artist created it through the chromatic inversion from positive to negative, which coincides with the concept of change, representing an opposite reality: the ice becomes fire, the cracks become a volcano. A new style that tells the problem by analyzing the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Fireberg Environment Photographic Project
patrizia dottori Fireberg
patrizia dottori Environment Photographic Project
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patrizia dottori design
patrizia dottori

Photography and politics are her two focal points, her pillars: photographic projects express her vision, often in a surreal way and aiming for beauty. In this she feels special and consistent. A better world is possible, it depends on all of us and she try to convey it through images. "Sometimes I think about the shots that I have not taken, but never about future ones ... I keep looking inside myself, as I always have."


The asterisk defines PatIsHere (Pat, the artist Patrizia Dottori, is here). Pat's eye sees, deals with the place, the thought, the concept. The mouth speaks, through the images, to those who observe her works: "Pat in this place, she has intuited this thought, she has worked to produce this project to send this message". Patrizia Dottori, from Rome, who lives and works between Buenos Aires and Rome, where she started photography in 1986. In addition to photography, she deals with politics and law by training, professional and cultural extraction. Her photographic projects deal with essential themes in the effort towards a better world, from the condition of women to environmental issues: the reportage is in fact the result of the search for an encounter with the other. She is here, she sees, she speaks...