Junsoo Choi Jinaga Subway Pass
Jinaga Subway Pass is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Social Design Award Category.
Jinaga Subway Pass

This system allows people with disabilities, such as the disabled and the elderly, to pass through the subway ticket gate without a card tag. Just by carrying this small device, the door opens automatically when you pass through the ticket gate, and you can pass through naturally. This system recognizes without malfunction as a car smart key method. It is currently being implemented in some subways in Korea. With the attachable system module, you can easily upgrade a regular ticket gate to a smart pass ticket gate, and all information such as fare tally is transmitted to the control room.

Jinaga Subway Pass
Junsoo Choi Jinaga
Junsoo Choi Subway Pass
Junsoo Choi design
Junsoo Choi design
Junsoo Choi

When I think of a design, I think it should go beyond simple styling and capture the user's convenience and the intention of the creator who developed it. Of course, design is important for its appearance, its styling. Also, I think it's good to have a witty design that expresses the designer's brilliant idea well. Such things are good if they are added incidentally in a situation where the user's convenience and the manufacturer's intention are well met. Among the many unique designers in the world, I tend to value functionality and user-friendliness. If the above two important conditions are met, it would be nice to naturally add to it the pursuit of fun.

Garin Co. Ltd.

Garin System Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly develops and releases smart keys for automobiles. The technology possessed by Garin System allows users to conveniently enter and exit their vehicles without having to do anything. Also, if the user of the vehicle moves away from the vehicle over a certain distance, the vehicle automatically locks. Based on this technology, Daejeon Subway Corporation developed a smart passage system for the disabled. Currently, this system is operated in the city of Daejeon, and about 5,000 people with disabilities are using it. This will gradually be expanded to the entire Republic of Korea.