Shengtao Ma Explorer Scientific Research Vehicle
Explorer Scientific Research Vehicle is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Explorer Scientific Research Vehicle

The explorer scientific research vehicle is a large-scale survival all-terrain vehicle used for scientific research and investigation in extreme environments. Its color scheme is inspired by chameleons, and its modular structure is derived from the bionics of frog bones. The explorer scientific research vehicle has spacious living and scientific research compartments, and various modular driving modes. By analyzing different natural terrains and climates, it can adapt to various harsh environments and provide researchers with better living and scientific research space and driving experience.

Explorer Scientific Research Vehicle
Shengtao Ma Explorer
Shengtao Ma Scientific Research Vehicle
Shengtao Ma design
Shengtao Ma design
Shengtao Ma

Ma Shengtao is a young product designer studying at Qingdao University of technology in China. He has done research in product design and computer illustration, and has done many designs for schools, local shopping centers and associations. His product design projects and illustrations have also won national competition awards in relevant aspects for many times, and he hopes to continue his efforts and development on the road of product design in the future.

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