Maform Petervary Multifunctional Piano Bench
Petervary Multifunctional Piano Bench is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Product Engineering and Technical Design Award Category.
Petervary Multifunctional Piano Bench

Petervary Smart Piano Bench is designed to revolutionise the way people play and learn to play the piano. The most innovative function of the bench is the sliding movement, allowing the artist to better reach the keys on the far ends of the piano while maintaining optimal body posture. The other key feature of the product is the motorised height setup. Users of the Petervary are artists, teachers and students. The Bench adapts to their personal needs and ergonomic demands by automatically adjusting the preferred height they can set in the application or on the control panel.

Petervary Multifunctional Piano Bench
Maform Petervary
Maform Multifunctional Piano Bench
Maform design
Maform design
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