Jiayu Yao Hanzi Storytelling Box Block Toy
Hanzi Storytelling Box Block Toy is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Award Category.
Hanzi Storytelling Box Block Toy

The Hanzi Storytelling Box is an innovative toy block that makes learning Chinese characters fun and interactive for young children. It uses the pictographic nature of characters, along with visual and auditory elements, to help learners recognize and remember them better. The accompanying app provides additional learning resources, such as words, sentences, writing strokes, and associative drawing, children can also record their own Chinese character stories to upload to blocks.

Hanzi Storytelling Box Block Toy
Jiayu Yao Hanzi Storytelling Box
Jiayu Yao Block Toy
Jiayu Yao design
Jiayu Yao design
Jiayu Yao

With a degree in digital media technology and industrial design, Jiayu Yao has a keen interest in exploring the intersection between technology and art. Her work is her pride and joy, and she aims to design unique and impactful visuals that can make a meaningful difference. She is highly motivated to use her skills in the fields of AI, interactive design, and HCI, and is constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to combine design and technology into effective solutions. Her passion and drive to explore new horizons in the world of design motivate her to stay ahead of the curve and continue to hone her craft.

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