Ryuichi Sasaki Ideareve Ikegami Music Hall
Ideareve Ikegami Music Hall is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Ideareve Ikegami Music Hall

Ideareve Ikegami was designed in collaboration with the local community, conducting research and focus groups to ensure that every aspect met the needs of musicians. Designers wanted to reflect the beauty of the surrounding hills and created communal spaces for musicians to gather, socialize, and build relationships. Their goal was to create a hub of creativity and community, where musicians could thrive and grow. They believe that music has the power to transform lives, and they're proud to have created a space that reflects this belief.

Ideareve Ikegami Music Hall
Ryuichi Sasaki Ideareve Ikegami
Ryuichi Sasaki Music Hall
Ryuichi Sasaki design
Ryuichi Sasaki design
Ryuichi Sasaki

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture is an architectural design firm that has gained notoriety in recent years as one of the most internationally acclaimed firms of its kind in the world. Led by renowned architect, Ryuichi Sasaki, the firm harnesses the experiences of its professionals to design and consult on building types ranging from cultural facilities to commercial facilities, including music halls, apartment complexes, hotels, stores, bars, and housing structures. The firm focuses on the ‘zeitgeist’ of every space that its interventions develop, and leverages continuous reinterpretation and repositioning to achieve excellence in its work. In 2021, Deezen selected Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture as one of its 21 best architecture studios of the year. The firm is also a five-time WAF Awards finalist, and was named winner of a Plan Award (Italy) in the Office & Business category. The firm was also anointed Best of Best winner at the Architecture Master Prize Awards in the United States, marking the first time in history that a Japanese architectural design firm has earned the distinction.


The client's team is Yasunori Kamata, the land owner, developer, and CEO, K-M-T. They are relatives and have been in business together as a family for generations. Prior to this project, this team worked together on apartment developments on land they own to date. The Kamata family is a prominent local landowner who has lived in Ikegami for over several hundred years, owning land in the area between the foot of Ikegami Honmonji Temple and the Nomi River. The family has a deep knowledge of musical activities and also teaches piano in the area. This music culture revitalization project aims to contribute to the town in a way that encourages interaction among local residents and music society, with an attitude of actively seeking to provide a place where music can be enjoyed and open to the city.