Konka Industrial Design Team A6Plus Television
A6Plus Television is Platinum Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
A6Plus Television

A6Plus products provide a good solution for home viewing. 21:9 The ultra-wide picture frame brings an immersive and shocking viewing experience. Konka design team also pays attention to the beauty of the home conveyed by the products. The use of transparent materials shortens the distance between the product and the family environment, and improves the affinity of the product; The storage function of the base bracket also well meets people's use scenarios and pain points. It is an industrial product that pays full attention to user experience

A6Plus Television
Konka Industrial Design Team A6Plus
Konka Industrial Design Team Television
Konka Industrial Design Team design
Konka Industrial Design Team design
Konka Industrial Design Team

Founded in 1980, KONKA is a company based on consumer electronics business, supported by "technology + investment control" composite capabilities, to upgrade to strategic emerging industries, expand to industrial real estate business, and provide Internet and supply chain service business.


Shenzhen Konka Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in January 2018, whic is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Konka Group, and responsible for the operation of core businesses of Konka Group, such as color TV, smart home products, commercial display interactive devices, etc. Its establishment is to make the color TV business bigger and stronger, take the color TV as the center, take the technological innovation as the driving force, take the mode change as the path, and build an industrial company with global competitiveness.