Shi-Zhe Luo Bionic Residence
Bionic Residence is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Bionic Residence

Distinguished by materials, colors and open layout, it embodies the aesthetic interaction around the city, life, nature and art. In accordance with the requirements of the owner, two bedrooms have been retained from the original house condition, and the triangular moving line concept of kitchen design is enlarged to the public area configuration. The 10-meter-long bar is used as the functional axis, extending outwards to the end points of the living room and dining room, connecting the interaction balance required by social contact and daily life.

Bionic Residence
Shi-Zhe Luo Bionic
Shi-Zhe Luo Residence
Shi-Zhe Luo design
Shi-Zhe Luo design
Shi-Zhe Luo

The rock is the foundation of the building. One stroke of the construction line draws a space with both beauty and physicality, and little by little, the originality transforms the design into the language of life.

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Rock is the foundation for a building. The space of aesthetics and motions has been programmed by each stroke on the draft designs, and the design has been transformed into language of life by creativity. Aesthetics are the symbols of the space that create simple and elegant symbolic images and that describe the spiritual preferences of the residents by integrating architecture aesthetics and delicate arts of humanity. Specialization is the one-of-a-kind creation that impeccably interprets space from scales, evolves delicate texture from light, and corresponds to aesthetic from furniture. The construction skills can be observed from details, the methods that demonstrate the value of achievement.