Qian Hongliang IN-VR Impression Device
IN-VR Impression Device is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Wearable Technologies Design Award Category.
IN-VR Impression Device

IN-VR Impression is an interesting VR device. Many VR devices are head-worn, which is troublesome to wear and is not suitable for the long-term experience. IN-VR Impression is a desktop VR device that can provide a more convenient and portable experience. The controller of the product is directly stored on both sides of the product, so users no longer have to worry about finding the controller. In the process of user experience, users can enter the VR experience more efficiently and quickly.

IN-VR Impression Device
Qian Hongliang IN-VR Impression
Qian Hongliang Device
Qian Hongliang design
Qian Hongliang design
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