Shubhangi Chuhadia Aria AR Spray Controller
Aria AR Spray Controller is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Aria AR Spray Controller

Aria transforms the conventional graffiti experience with revolutionary mixed reality and NFT technologies. Using this innovative spray paint controller, artists can create stunning 2D/3D graffiti art in a virtual world, showcasing their talent and bringing their visions to life on an infinite platform, the world. Aria also provides an AR metaverse, Pokemon Go-like experience for art enthusiasts, allowing them to explore urban environments and discover art through their mobile devices.

Aria AR Spray Controller
Shubhangi Chuhadia Aria
Shubhangi Chuhadia AR Spray Controller
Shubhangi Chuhadia design
Shubhangi Chuhadia design
Shubhangi Chuhadia

As a chemical engineer turned industrial designer, Shubhangi Chuhadia has a unique perspective on the integration of scientific principles, technological advancements, and creative expression. Through her multidisciplinary approach, she skillfully crafts products that perfectly complement and enhance new and emerging technologies. Her passion for the intersection of these fields drives her to constantly innovate and create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and practical.

Shubhangi Chuhadia

Shubhangi Chuhadia is an industrial designer based in San Francisco, Bay Area