Zsolt Szalai The Vienna Park Loft Cityloft
The Vienna Park Loft Cityloft is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Vienna Park Loft Cityloft

Conversion of an attic apartment over three floors, with the main motive to dissolve the existing small parts and create a spacious luxury apartment. The winding rooms were structurally and visually opened and enlarged. From fixed stock and objects such as stair railings, wardrobe and flower troughs, became unique sculptures. The choice of colors and materials is reduced in order to give more space to the language of form and the composition of the objects with and among each other.

The Vienna Park Loft Cityloft
Zsolt Szalai The Vienna Park Loft
Zsolt Szalai Cityloft
Zsolt Szalai design
Zsolt Szalai design
Zsolt Szalai

Zsolt Szalai is an artist and designer from Hungary. He combines art with interior design and turns sculptures into furniture. His concept is to create reduced but at the same time inviting environments and spaces through clever choice of materials and colors. Sensory overload is to be avoided and environmental influences faded out. Right at the beginning of the projects, Zsolt Szalai usually already has visions of what the result will be and how exactly what will be built. Already with the start of his career, around the mid-90s, he began to use metal/steel and Corian in the interior and was thus ahead of his time. What the artist is very proud of is the great trust between him and his customers. In spite of great competition from well-known companies and designers, who were available to the customers, they always trusted his judgment and vision, and thus unique projects were already created. Most people do not know in advance how much different living spaces influence body, mind and soul. Zsolt Szalai is among other things a BREEMA® practitioner (body-mind-connection). With this prior knowledge, he tries to filter out the conscious wishes and the unconscious needs of the clients by getting to know them well. Everything should be tailored to the persons concerned. He sees this as a kind of composition of a symphony in an orchestra and tries to harmonize all "instruments". Among other things, a great uniqueness is that the designer's designed objects and sculptures are planned by him and his team and then manufactured in their own workshops.

BFZ Barrierefreie Zone GmbH, Zsolt Szalai

A company, based in Vienna with the ambition and vision to bring rooms to life, through the planning and implementation of interiors at different levels of living spaces. After intensive discussions to understand our customers wishes and the given setting, we design unique spaces to meet the individual needs of the client. A clear spatial concept and the carefully selected use of high-quality materials, create an environment in which timeless design is combined with individual requirements. From the first thought, planning, visualization, and production all products and sculptures are manufactured in our workshops.