Melody Lau Poly City Gather Sales Center
Poly City Gather Sales Center is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Poly City Gather Sales Center

The designer strives to infuse space with life by balancing the functional layout, aesthetics and sensory delight. To do this, he takes simple shapes and bright elements from all nature. The dome creates a sense of infinite fantasy, where everything is unoccupied and people may observe anything in silence in the 12m high, 9m open atrium. This will bring them into an artistic realm of freedom. The midair corridor is unique in its natural beauty while the ceiling vein is designed as a landscape cycle. With these efforts, the symbiosis between nature, art, architecture and space is achieved.

Poly City Gather Sales Center
Melody Lau Poly City Gather
Melody Lau Sales Center
Melody Lau design
Melody Lau design
Melody Lau

Melody Lau is the Board Member and Design Director of JLa. As a cross-border designer, Melody is keenly aware of exploring space with time as the axis, understanding the demands of multiple parties from a horizontal perspective, and coordinating the overall situation of pre-project planning, in-project planing, follow-up operation and future sustainable development from a vertical perspective. Finally, he has developed a forward-looking thinking and a diversified and unconstrained style, leading the team to grow together in thinking and collaboration. In design, he focuses on using architectural rationality to reshape interior scenes, allowing art to enrich spatial awareness, life experience to feed creation, and operational thinking to activate commercial value. With all these efforts, a flexible and assembleable design system is deduced: field spirit x architectural logic x humanistic narrative x material research and creation x cross-border symbiosis = sustainable creative design.

James Liang & Associates Limited

JLa (James Liang & Associates Limited) was founded in Hong Kong in 1989 by Mr. James Liang, a renowned HK designer. With more than 30 years of steady management and the business philosophy of Self-discipline & Respect, JLa has gradually established a mature operation system and a stable business market, and has set up branches in Chengdu, Wuhan, Macau, with Guangzhou as its domestic operation headquarter. With Creative Design as its core competitiveness, JLa's design achievements have spread across the board, and its design business covers four major sections: interior decoration design, soft furnishings, public art, and urban planning and architectural design. It has collaborated with Poly Real Estate, Vanke Group, Midea Group, Hong Kong New World Group, Hong Kong Sing Tao News Group, Hong Kong Union Hospital, and Haid Group and other brands.