Mirae-N Design Team Traveling in Virtual Space Textbook
Traveling in Virtual Space Textbook is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Award Category.
Traveling in Virtual Space Textbook

The cover design of these elementary school textbooks provides an opportunity for experience-based learning through an indirect journey into the space depicted on the cover. The design features an illustration that spans from the front to the back cover to convey the concept of space. By enabling students to experience a virtual space through the use of augmented reality (AR) technology, the design encourages three-dimensional thinking and imagination Students can explore and interact with the illustrated space, creating a more engaging and interactive learning experience.

Traveling in Virtual Space Textbook
Mirae-N Design Team Traveling in Virtual Space
Mirae-N Design Team Textbook
Mirae-N Design Team design
Mirae-N Design Team design
Mirae-N Design Team

Mirae-N Design Team is an expert group of designers in Mirae-N Company. The team covers all design related projects of the company and deals with a wide range of design areas such as editorial, web, brand, communication, space, and so on. All members believe that creative efforts could make people’s lives richer and better in many aspects by connecting people and their thoughts and minds. The team strives for better design in all areas than ever before.


Under the mission to develop a brighter future for the next generation, Mirae N is devoted to develop textbooks and other learning materials that can meet the needs of the era. Meanwhile, the company has been not only publishing various books to cover audiences from infants to adults but expanding its business to energy and leisure businesses. Through such efforts, the company hopes to provide products and services for customers in areas everywhere from thoughts to living.