Konstantinos Gkagkos Zafiri Cava Deli Retail Shop
Zafiri Cava Deli Retail Shop is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Zafiri Cava Deli Retail Shop

The design study was done with the aim of the project being reminiscent of a traditional mansion in the heart of the island. The visitor is confronted with a special aspect of the store due to the arches that adorn the window. An important place in the plan was the stately cellar of the store. An element that contributed to the atmosphere of the space was the application of classic chandeliers that intensify the island style to the fullest.

Zafiri Cava Deli Retail Shop
Konstantinos Gkagkos Zafiri Cava Deli
Konstantinos Gkagkos Retail Shop
Konstantinos Gkagkos design
Konstantinos Gkagkos design
Konstantinos Gkagkos

Costas Gagos was born in Larissa in 1973 and studied Interior Design. In 1997 he founded the company Gagos Architecture & Design in Larissa, while in 2017 he opened its first branch office in Athens. The company is active both in the field of architecture and in the field of renovation, decoration and construction of small and large scale projects. Today, 26 years later, Gagos Architecture & Design led by Costas Gagos, consisting of a large team of architects, decorators, engineers of all specialties, designers and foremen, has to show a large number of projects, both in Greece and in abroad. The main object of the company's studies are the dining areas, the shops, the residences, the educational spaces and the hotel units. Costas Gagos, with his energetic character and his many years of experience, has managed to establish himself in the field, as well as on social media, where he is followed by thousands of fans, with a large number of whom he has collaborated as well as concluded strong collaborations with important brand names in the field of catering. It has received multiple awards in national and international competitions, most recently the silver award for the project Cava Zafiri Deli, Zakynthos at the A' Design Awards '23!

Konstantinos Gkagkos

The client wanted to create a unique work that resembles an old cellar in the heart of the island. Something different and at the same time a point of attraction for customers.