Elena Prokhorova Brace Lounge Chair
Brace Lounge Chair is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Brace Lounge Chair

The Brace armchair was created with the user's comfort in mind. It features adjustable belts that secure the soft cushion to the frame, adding a playful element to the design while enhancing the user's experience. The chair's round shapes and functional details are elegantly crafted, distinguishing it from traditional seating options. It is versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Brace Lounge Chair
Elena Prokhorova Brace
Elena Prokhorova Lounge Chair
Elena Prokhorova design
Elena Prokhorova design
Elena Prokhorova

My approach to product design is a fusion of "artistic science," where form and function merge seamlessly to create products that not only serve a purpose but also inspire and excite individuals. In my view, a product that balances convenience, aesthetics, and beauty triggers an emotional response and becomes a coveted object. With a focus on minimalist aesthetics and a keen eye for detail, I apply my skills to create furniture, interior items, and other products that embody these principles and evoke emotions. My passion for design is evident in the elegant and thoughtfully crafted pieces I produce.


Nobonobo is a Polish brand based in Ɓodygowice. From the very beginning, the company's activity has focused on the production of high-quality upholstered furniture, which is handmade by experienced Polish craftsmen. The models Nobonobo creates are available in selected showrooms in Poland and constantly expanding distribution in foreign markets.