Alexandre Caldas Herringbone Dining Table
Herringbone Dining Table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Herringbone Dining Table

Table Herringbone designed by Alexandre Caldas is Inspired by the structure of leaves and by the desire to eliminate what is superfluous, the internal structure of the table and its simple and beautiful silhouette is all exposed to the lovers of this type of construction. Using certified solid wood, using the least amount of glue possible, using one of the world's most recycled resources (glass), and all this with only the know-how of master craftsmen with traditional woodworking techniques, accomplish the mission perfectly. The simplicity is the is the truly sophistication

Herringbone Dining Table
Alexandre Caldas Herringbone
Alexandre Caldas Dining Table
Alexandre Caldas design
Alexandre Caldas design
Alexandre Caldas

I`m Alexandre Caldas and i`m relevant like everyone else. Regard the importance , it`s better than being famous. To be important is to stay inside people, not by imposition but because they care about us or our work. As for everything else, I do what I love and leave the evaluation for people in general, I don`t think that is wise the self evaluation.


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