Keisuke Fukui F House Residential Building
F House Residential Building is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
F House Residential Building

F House is an architect's home and office. By turning the 1st-floor office and cafe into a place where townspeople can casually drop in, the project attempts to foster community connections. The idea was that by sharing parts of everyday life in a casual and enjoyable way, a more livable community could be fostered. The area has a network of plants to increase and share, and designers wanted to visualize this in the architecture and establish it as part of the local culture. The architecture is conscious of the network in every aspect.

F House Residential Building
Keisuke Fukui F House
Keisuke Fukui Residential Building
Keisuke Fukui design
Keisuke Fukui design
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kamakura studio philosophy Something that can give everyone a chance to enjoy the city. That is what we believe a snow "kamakura" is. Everyone can participate in its creation. Anyone can come inside. Communication will naturally occur between the creator and passersby. Communication is born between the creator and passersby. It changes the impression of the surrounding area and create a friendly and enjoyable landscape. The "Kamakura Studio" is a space like a "kamakura the space like a "kamakura". We are a design office that creates such a space like a "kamakura.