Shang Cai River Cloud Outdoor Landscape
River Cloud Outdoor Landscape is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
River Cloud Outdoor Landscape

It is a design case for a spatial installation representing the Cloud theme. As the installation is designed for long-term outdoor use, the designer used 50000 frames of different sizes, and hard materials to represent the curves of the clouds. Meanwhile, 15,000 CNC light sources are used to control the color and brightness, so that the device at night presents a dynamic effect of light and shadow flow. The installation is located on a hilltop by the river and has wide visibility, so it has become a famous landmark, which has helped greatly in the publicity and promotion of the project.

River Cloud Outdoor Landscape
Shang Cai River Cloud
Shang Cai Outdoor Landscape
Shang Cai design
Shang Cai design
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