Sepideh Bayat The Alien Lighting
The Alien Lighting is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
The Alien Lighting

A story that originated from the sense of women - as delicately and carefully, ossified and just as carefully nurtured its roots by maintaining and creating empty spaces between them. It is as if the bones gave life and growth to its delicate, firm, and strong existence and then found itself immersed in a light, or other words, a light that blossomed from within. Sepideh got its name from the alien, so when a person feels like a foreigner or alien, her inner roots are like a new life. The roots inside have a longing to be freed and rely on the safe point of the boundary.

The Alien Lighting
Sepideh Bayat The Alien
Sepideh Bayat Lighting
Sepideh Bayat design
Sepideh Bayat design
Sepideh Bayat

I am Sepideh Bayat, 22 years old, and a final-year undergraduate student in Architecture at University ofZanjan, Iran. As a child, I sought to understand the world around me in many ways, and that made me very eager to create, invent, and innovate. As one of my current concerns, I like to flip people like the pages of a book to encounter them and the flow of life in them. I follow this because the presence of human beings and the audience will always be the point of formation of meaning.