Tiange Wang and I-Yang Huang Elf Body Environment Wellness App
Elf Body Environment Wellness App is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Elf Body Environment Wellness App

Elf is an innovative mobile app that fosters the connection between environment health and body health by offering personalized suggestions about indoor environmental improvements and behavioral change. With realtime environmental and health data, Elf coaches and nudges the user about actions they could take to their indoor environment to improve how they feels and performs. The design incorporates intuitive and interactive data visualization with beautiful, soft grainy color gradients and uses conversational UI to align the character of the app to a house elf for stronger emotional appeal.

Elf Body Environment Wellness App
Tiange Wang and I-Yang Huang Elf
Tiange Wang and I-Yang Huang Body Environment Wellness App
Tiange Wang and I-Yang Huang design
Tiange Wang and I-Yang Huang design
Tiange Wang and I-Yang Huang

Tiange Wang is a multidisciplinary software designer at IDEO, where she creates human-centered and data-driven experiences through UI/UX, frontend development, XR prototyping, spatial design and data visualization. She has worked across various industries in North America and Japan, and crafted user-friendly and culturally-sensitive experiences for clients from worldwide trading conglomerate to large biotechnology company to small home care brand. As a designer-developer hybrid, she weaves interaction design, software development, storytelling and system thinking into a holistic, full-stack design process. Prior to IDEO, she was a design consultant to Harvard’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies in creating products that provide a seamless and accessible digital transformation experience for the world-renowned research institution, and collaborated with Harvard Innovation Labs in designing a venture around digital wellbeing. As a creative technologist and former architect, Tiange designs for experiences that bridge the digital and physical worlds, including novel phygital interfaces, smart homes, educational games, unmanned retail, and spatial storytelling with extended realities and generative AI. Tiange holds a Master of Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from UC Berkeley.


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