Greentown China Holdings Limited The Bund Garden
The Bund Garden is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Construction and Real Estate Projects Design Award Category.
The Bund Garden

Based on the local cultural background, the Art Deco style immensely popular in the city's golden age is innovatively incorporated into the project in various aspects including architecture, interior, craftsmanship, design languages and materials application, thus creating a modern yet classical image. Designers arranged the buildings' orientation and layout in a way to embrace the view of the scenic river. Furthermore, designers organized residential buildings and inner gardens in a staggered manner, with the purpose of allowing dwellers to enjoy strolling in the continuous gardens.

The Bund Garden
Greentown China Holdings Limited The Bund
Greentown China Holdings Limited Garden
Greentown China Holdings Limited design
Greentown China Holdings Limited design
Greentown China Holdings Limited

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Shanghai Huazhe Bund Real Estate CO.,Ltd

Founded in September, 2002, Shanghai Huazhe Bund Real Estate CO., Ltd is a large property development company mainly invested by GREENTOWN REAL ESTATE GROUP COMPANY LTD. Its main business scope includes property development and operation. The company is currently developing upscale apartments in Dongjiadu Area in South Bund, Shanghai, which is a key project for the integrated renovation of Dongjiadu.