Lihan Jin Tension Instrument Concert Hall
Tension Instrument Concert Hall is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Tension Instrument Concert Hall

The project is based on the study of architecture and music. The design focuses on how to take inspiration from intangible music and present it in tangible architectural space. The design ultimately combines the two through "tension", a force that is prevalent in both architecture and music. The concert hall is an orchestration of walls, balconies, and acoustic panels, which are developed from a unique architectural prototype by different scales and tectonics. The dramatic contrast of old and new creates a new cultural landmark for Prague.

Tension Instrument Concert Hall
Lihan Jin Tension Instrument
Lihan Jin Concert Hall
Lihan Jin design
Lihan Jin design
Studio Lihan

Studio Lihan is an architectural design studio founded by Lihan, who is originally from Hangzhou, China. With multiple-cultural architectural experience in locations including Paris, New York, and Beijing, Lihan continuously searches for a unique perspective of architecture that distinguishes his cultural identity as a Chinese. Studio Lihan has received honors in various local and international competitions.