Hiroki Watanabe Murakoshi House
Murakoshi House is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Murakoshi House

An urban house integrating floodwaters into its design. This house with a monolithic facade and a drive-through garage with a high foundation is situated on a pentagonal corner lot that is expected to be crowded with pedestrians. The design features a planar and cross-sectional openness to allow light and wind to flow into the interior while also taking into account the convenience of people and cars while deflecting water. This work explores a simple and sensible approach to future urban housing with a focus on natural disasters.

Murakoshi House
Hiroki Watanabe Murakoshi
Hiroki Watanabe House
Hiroki Watanabe design
Hiroki Watanabe design
Hiroki Watanabe

With experience gained from working at both a house manufacturer and design firm, this individual has designed numerous homes and vacation homes in Tokyo, earning multiple international awards. Their strength lies in capturing the unique appeal of each location and creating rich living spaces from different perspectives. Their approach involves discovering the charm that can only be found in a particular place, identifying invisible connections, and leveraging existing elements. They prioritize qualities that cannot be measured by numbers, simplicity, clarity, and logical design. They are committed to exploring potential that has yet to be discovered, achieving a sense of purposeful and aesthetically pleasing design that resonates with nature and society.

S Design Farm

S Design Farm aims to achieve a balance between convenience and unquantifiable goodness in their designs. S Design Farm prioritizes a thorough study of the thermal environment's performance in their design process. They recently completed a HEAT20/G2 grade house with a UA value of 0.37, which provides warmth during severe winters with just five minutes of floor heating in the morning. S Design Farm hopes to create a distinctive lifestyle by integrating the quantifiable convenience of their designs with the intangible qualities of the land, light, and wind, which are strengths of architects.