Rene Sundahl Danish Fuel Portable Speaker
Danish Fuel Portable Speaker is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Limited Edition and Custom Design Award Category.
Danish Fuel Portable Speaker

The speaker of the future is 79 years old and brand new. Developed from a former World War 2 Wehrmacht Einheits Kanister designed by Vinzenz Grunvogel back in 1937. It's purpose was to supply the troops with gasoline, kerosene, gear oil, diesel and water during World War 2. The small can is now collected from land field and restored by sandblasting and new green color. The design is made to be an independent unit. No app, no software needed. No expiration date. The owner will have funky control over the speaker. Sustainable upcycling in Denmark and made to last a lifetime.

Danish Fuel Portable Speaker
Rene Sundahl Danish Fuel
Rene Sundahl Portable Speaker
Rene Sundahl design
Rene Sundahl design
Danish Fuel

Since 2010 Danish Fuel has been upcycling authentic military jerry cans into pieces of art. The first design was a suitcase. Later on the Bathroom Cabinet was launched. And finally the Bar Cabinet came on board in 2012. The international breakthrough was in 2014 at the world's most prestigious furniture fair in Milan. Salon int. Del Mobile. Ever since the Danish Fuel brand has been extending the products with everything from a bathroom storage cabinet to a hip flask and some of the worlds finest Gin´s crafted in Denmark. As the market has been growing with the demand, a new designs is on its way to the international design stage. Upcycled from original world war 2 jerry cans. The first Jerry Can was invented in Germany back in 1937 and first launched in 1938 just before World War II. The design was outstanding and truly unique. The German Vinzenz Grünvogel designed the small can that was made to supply the troops at the front lines with supplies. Everything from kerosene, water, diesel, gas, gear oil and so on. The small can was cleverly designed.