Sara Alzahrani White Friday Magazine Cover
White Friday Magazine Cover is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
White Friday Magazine Cover

Main key visual is designed for White Friday campaign and is used as promotion magazine cover, the purpose of the design is to create excitement about the great deals offered by the company for its customers. the objective of the campaign which is boosting sales and translated in the visual by showing gift boxes as main element on top of each other, with different sizes and shapes to give the surprises feeling. A model from the target group age centered in big gift box to be relevant and connected

White Friday  Magazine Cover
Sara Alzahrani White Friday
Sara Alzahrani Magazine Cover
Sara Alzahrani design
Sara Alzahrani design
Sara Alzahrani

we are a design team working as an internal agency for Nahdi medical company, and we have designed white Friday project with great concept representing Nahdi company purpose to add beats to our guests life everyday. to help boost the sales and create a booming for white Friday season. the design was presented with a female as our customer surrounded by gift boxes to show the idea of unlimited surprises.

White Friday Project

Overview Nahdi company is creating a promotional campaign for white friday season Purpose Boost the sales/offer Nahdi guests great deals Tone & voice persuasive, exciting, connected and trendy Objective Drive traffic to stores Transaction building Create guest engagement Concept We are surprising Nahdi target audience with Nahdi White Friday by showing an excited female surrounded with unlimited great deals, offers, and discounts inside the boxes