SUNRIU Design Tai Side Table
Tai Side Table is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Tai Side Table

Tai side table aims to effectively utilize retired substation metal sheets, extend the service life of the materials, and maximize the use of resources to reduce the burden on the environment. It only requires laser cutting and bending to finish the process and the flat-packed design can significantly reduce production time without assemble. The exterior lines are inspired from IM Pei's The Luce Chapel. It has the image of praying with folded hands in the East. Hope to create furniture that is easy to produce, beautiful, and eco-economical.

Tai Side Table
SUNRIU Design Tai
SUNRIU Design Side Table
SUNRIU Design design
SUNRIU Design design

The founder of SUNRIU, with an inquiring mind, draws on the experiences around his daily life and connects his imagination to the human senses and the day-to-day insights via his designs. It is the founder's intention to present different interpretations of everyday experiences in the works, so that the beauty of communal feelings can be widely shared everywhere.


SUNRIU is a personal studio specializing in furniture and product design. Committed to integrating everyday experiences into design through imagination, believing that this will create resonance and connection with people and bring imagination to life. Believe that design can transcend national boundaries, connect different cultural experiences, and impart the beauty of communal feelings.