Rita Valadão Penthouse Lisbon Residential House
Penthouse Lisbon Residential House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Penthouse Lisbon Residential House

An almost round plan, with few masonry walls because nearly the entire façade is clad in glass. So, everything happens in the center, from the TV room to the office that connects to the living room, which communicates with the dining room, until it ends inside the kitchen. The strength of this project was the ability to develop 5 different experiences in the same space. Above all, designers were able to take advantage of the natural light from sunrise to sunset.

Penthouse Lisbon Residential House
Rita Valadão Penthouse Lisbon
Rita Valadão Residential House
Rita Valadão design
Rita Valadão design
Rita Valadão

RV studio creates interior projects, residential and commercial. There is no visual trend that identifies RV. Each project increasingly marking its identity in their homes. RV studio´s approach doesnt only succumb to interior design, but has a strong connection with art. In client's home, developing stands in art fairs and complementing gallery exhibitions with furniture that adds an unusual complement to the exhibition. The purpose of providing the clients living in their home the way they imagined, but even better, and the daily experience with art that opens new paths in the society where they live.

Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo e Silva

Urban foreigners with an active social life. Appreciate the design of the 1950s as the name of growing designers. Art collectors. Looking for a home that is aesthetically pleasing but practical at the same time. Atelier RV adapts to each client, bearing in mind the importance of applying its knowledge and sharing it with them. We aim to make projects for our clients and not of our clients. We do not demarcate a design style. The comfort and timelessness allied to creativity are one of our main concerns.