Aciole Félix Laguna Armchair
Laguna Armchair is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Laguna Armchair

The Laguna Armchair is impressive at first glance, but what draws the most attention is the unparalleled comfort. Its structure is firm and the seat is extremely enveloping. Its main differential is the use of different materials such as: wood, metal, fabric, and natural fiber. With this diversity of materials in the same piece, there are infinite combinations. Which makes it possible for this armchair to fit into any decor.

Laguna Armchair
Aciole Félix Laguna
Aciole Félix Armchair
Aciole Félix design
Aciole Félix design

Uultis is a high-end furniture brand with Brazilian design and soul and internationally recognized quality. Contemporary, which combines the delicacy of artisanal finishing and natural textures with the high technology and productive capacity of Grupo Herval, one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Brazil. In Latin, Uultis, means desire, hence the inspiration for the creation of the brand: a furniture with soul, which translates the contemporary desire for good living. The focus is the passion for the experience of living, far beyond the object. That's why the attentive eye for detail, in original and functional pieces, in which all excess is discarded in favor of beauty associated with comfort, elegance and well-being. Original and sustainable design The Uultis brand opts for natural materials and wood from renewable sources, in addition to other sustainable actions adopted at all Herval Group facilities, such as the use of biopolyols that reduce the emission and carbon balance in the manufacture of foams; prioritizing the receipt of raw material in bulk, thus reducing the amount of packaging for disposal; more sustainable facilities, such as smart lighting, natural ventilation and water reuse; care with reuse or disposal within the legislation of waste generated in the manufacturing process of products or from customers, through the reverse logistics process; Logistical processes are organized in order to optimize the shipment of goods, reducing the impact of gases resulting from the combustion of vehicles, which, in turn, are fully fueled with S10 diesel, reducing the emission of sulfur compounds into the atmosphere, which is proven to be responsible for acid rain.