Yuko Ishikawa Okuhara Tsuzumi Double Sakazuki
Tsuzumi Double Sakazuki is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Tsuzumi Double Sakazuki

Tsuzumi has a symmetrical shape with two cups on either end, and each has a different color. You can use Tsuzumi to serve sake, some kind of strong alcohol, or delicacies, but just displaying it as a piece of art could satisfy you because of its nobility and gracefulness. It harmonizes with almost anything. Normally, makie is applied to the body or the inside bottom, but in the case of Tsuzumi, it is positioned as if it looks peeking out from inside. This is the very essence of Japanese beauty, which is modest but impressive. Layered urushi, tamenuri, creates graceful shades in the cup.

Tsuzumi Double Sakazuki
Yuko Ishikawa Okuhara Tsuzumi
Yuko Ishikawa Okuhara Double Sakazuki
Yuko Ishikawa Okuhara design
Yuko Ishikawa Okuhara design
Authentic Japan Shunme

Authentic Japan Shunme produces authentic Japanese shikki. All of the articles in the brand are made through traditional production process with totally natural materials such as urushi, wooden base, diatomaceous earth powder and rice powder. Nunokise is applied to specific items to increase the durability of them. Nowadays, it is getting rare to find this kind of shikki even in Japan. Many Japanese traditional crafts have adopted those kinds of chemical paint such as synthetic resin coating or urethane coating instead of urushi as well as using the kinds of synthetic resin such as ABS plastic or the one filled with wood flour instead of genuine wood as a base of shikki. Authentic Japan Shunme: Original Series provides authentic Japanese lacquerware. Graceful makie is embellished on each piece, which enhances its nobility. It is positioned as if it looks peeking out from inside. This is the very essence of Japanese beauty - modest but impressive. However, the body itself is already so beautiful that you can appreciate any piece of our original series with or without makie on it. The choice is yours. Another rare aspect of Authentic Japan Shunme is that it does not highlight the production area while putting importance on the authentic traditional manufacturing method. Almost all the traditional crafts in Japan bring their producing areas to forefront. That would be important for protection and enhancement of Japanese traditional crafts in various kinds. Authentic Japan Shunme, however, prefers to emphasize the quality and aesthetics for each article in addition to the production process rather than to rely on the fame of the production area. For further information on the production place of our items, please contact the brand. Authentic Japan Shunme believes aesthetics of things you use as well as their quality is the crucial element for you to enjoy everyday life, so, knowing such aesthetics requires careful manufacturing with natural materials, it focuses on the materials to be used and the production process to be got through, not to mention the artisans to be selected as skilled to work on them. When you see and touch them, you could feel the beauty emitted from within. Part of the culture, history, and spirit of Japan is revealed by each piece both instantly and over the years. Authentic Japan Shunme hopes you will enjoy its beautiful shikki both in everyday life and on special occasions.