Silambarasan Ganapathy Flava Plywood and Veneer Showroom
Flava Plywood and Veneer Showroom is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Flava Plywood and Veneer Showroom

A mix of segregation and connectivity. Keeping the openness of the floor intact, all feature elements are strategically planed to create series of discussion pockets. The store is designed on fractal behavior that explores the concept for sequencing the space that is both immersive and sculptural. The space promotes a very strong sense of design while leaving a stage for the products that are being displayed.

Flava Plywood and Veneer Showroom
Silambarasan Ganapathy Flava
Silambarasan Ganapathy Plywood and Veneer Showroom
Silambarasan Ganapathy design
Silambarasan Ganapathy design
Silambarasan Ganapathy

Silambarasan is a well-known architect with diverse experience in Architecture and Design. He graduated from Anna University in 2009 and worked with leading firms such as Morphogenesis and Cadence Architects. In 2017, he founded DOT[co]de, a design firm that integrates computational design and technology for innovative and sustainable Architecture & Design. Silambarasan is also an educator and conducts workshops on generative and computational design. His work balances the experimental and the visionary with the practical and pragmatic, inspiring young architects to approach their work with a more experimental and visionary mindset while still considering practicality.


Flava was born as a consequence of a constant demand in the market for stylish, well-crafted, and well-curated interior and exterior products. With an expanding population of evolved and contemporary customers looking to express themselves through the interiors of their spaces, Flava was the need of the hour. An initiative by Vishal Ply, Flava aspired to bridge. this gap in the industry by giving life to a new league of interior product experience.