Richard Solloshi Vilicci Virtuoso Grill
Vilicci Virtuoso Grill is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Luxury Design Award Category.
Vilicci Virtuoso Grill

Every component of the Virtuoso grill is milled from solid blocks of stainless steel and crafted using CNC milling machines. With the addition of the skewer rotisserie system this grill ticks all the boxes when it comes to functionality and striking appearance. The special hexagonal cone shape of the fire chamber and the strategically placed air vents ensure a perfect air circulation around the fire which will burn evenly and efficiently throughout the grilling.

Vilicci Virtuoso Grill
Richard Solloshi Vilicci Virtuoso
Richard Solloshi Grill
Richard Solloshi design
Richard Solloshi design
Richard Solloshi

Founder of Solloshi Ltd., Richard Solloshi has been involved in architecture and interior design for 20 years, now with over 100 successful projects under his belt. 10 years ago, his passion brought him into the bicycle industry where hechannelled his visionary ideas into a next generation e-bike. He was the chief designer of several high-end electric bicycle projects and it was during this time that he gained extensive knowledge in the field of metalworking, with a special focus on high-tech, light, but strong materials such as 7075 aluminium alloy and titanium. Solloshi is dedicated to making ultra high-quality masterpieces out of high-end, 21st century materials, with a special focus on titanium. This high-tech material requires specialized skills in design and manufacturing. Despite the fact that this level of precision and design requires countless hours of engineering, almost all Solloshi creations are limited editions to preserve their unique nature – and absolutely all collections are limited, low quantity production. The choice of raw materials and manufacturing technology (CNC milling form single blocks of titanium) designates the potential target market without question. His aim is to create high-end, perfectly crafted, yet futuristic devices and accessories of impeccable taste for discerning women and men. Aside from fine watches, the choice of luxurious accessories for men in particular is quite limited. Therefore, I considered what a man like myself needs but rarely finds: Something that stands out from the crowd.

Solloshi Ltd.

With over 15 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing superpremium products, Solloshi set out to create some of the best outdoor grills the world has ever seen. Vilicci's current collection reflects this ambition in every little detail: the best materials, the most high-end manufacturing techniques, outstanding functionality, and a refined contemporary design characterize all our grills. Vilicci design fits the exterior of a contemporary home perfectly yet it’s also timeless; our products will never seem out of place or obsolete.