Shahrooz Zomorrodi Tr88House Recreational Center
Tr88House Recreational Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Tr88House Recreational Center

The designer of Tr88 House, a recreational complex that includes a food court, a kids' play area, a trampoline, laser tag, mini golf, a kids' club, and a rooftop bar, was inspired by his own childhood nightmares. The primary objective of this proposal is to provide separate areas and methods for people of all ages to communicate with one another between the spaces, taking into account the location of this complex in Dubai and its use. The other goal is to create a visually green environment without employing actual plants.

Tr88House Recreational Center
Shahrooz Zomorrodi Tr88House
Shahrooz Zomorrodi Recreational Center
Shahrooz Zomorrodi design
Shahrooz Zomorrodi design
Shahrooz Zomorrodi

Shahrooz Zomorrodi is the CEO of Zomorrodi & Associates, which he founded in 2006. He is an architect, designer, and civil engineer. Now based in Dubai, he has collaborated with many international design firms. His work has included residential, office, commercial, hospitality, cultural and installation exhibits, and interior design projects in several countries, including St. Kitts, U.A.E, Iran, and Italy. From his perspective, the primary function of architects is to ensure the social and economic growth of a particular community. According to his interest in product design, he established DecoZ Studio with his partner to manufacture luxury bespoke furniture designed.

Zomorrodi & associates

Shahrooz Zomorrodi & associates started their activities in the year 2006 with the purpose of creating new and unique structures and spaces by using the latest executive techniques and sciences and new ideas in the field of product design and architecture. This studio is a global, multi-disciplinary architectural and design consultancy with offices in Dubai and Tehran, Headed by its founder Shahrooz Zomorrodi, the studio has a varied portfolio and primarily serves the residential, commercial, retail, cultural and hospitality sectors. The award-winning practice has bagged an impressive number of awards for its architectural and interior projects and furniture designs such as IDA design awards, architecture masterprize, SIT furniture design awards, LICC and also highly recommended for CID awards. Zomorrodi is regularly featured in the regional and international media including titles such as the prestigious Italian title Domus.