Rosalie Hsin-Ju Lin Random Puff 4D Embroidered Garment
Random Puff 4D Embroidered Garment is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Category.
Random Puff 4D Embroidered Garment

Random Puff is a novel puffer that uses 4D embroidery puffs for insulation. Puffs are initially fabricated flat and pop up into domes when exposed to heat. The activated puffs then trap air between the outer environment and the wearer’s body to keep them warm. The development involves the creation of a library of 4D embroidery material interactions between active fibers and static fabrics. Designers and developers can use computational design tools to work collaboratively with end-users, creating novel textile and softgood designs that are high-tech fashion, personalized and sustainable.

Random Puff 4D Embroidered Garment
Rosalie Hsin-Ju Lin Random Puff
Rosalie Hsin-Ju Lin 4D Embroidered Garment
Rosalie Hsin-Ju Lin design
Rosalie Hsin-Ju Lin design
Rosalie Hsin-Ju Lin

Rosalie Lin is a R&D specialist at Accenture Labs, Future Technologies based out of San Francisco. She works on smart and sustainable materials application-driven research across additive manufacturing, biotech, and energy harvesting. Prior to Accenture, she was a design researcher at MIT Media Lab, Tangible Media Group. Her research focuses on soft human-computer interactions that built upon textiles and wearables. She aims to bring in calmness, culture, and social impactful aspects with emerging technologies. She received a MDes in Technology from Harvard University and a BS in Industrial Design with minor in Life Sciences.

MIT Media Lab

The MIT Media Lab is a research laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, growing out of MIT's Architecture Machine Group in the School of Architecture. Its research does not restrict to fixed academic disciplines, but draws from technology, media, science, art, and design.