Qinwen Feng B2Q Kit Barbecue in Any Scenario
B2Q Kit Barbecue in Any Scenario is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Outdoor Gear and Camping Equipment Design Award Category.
B2Q Kit Barbecue in Any Scenario

One suitcase, two layers, three heights, any scenario. While BBQ used to be a simple matter of heating meat, nowadays it is a much more sophisticated process, from preparation to the end of cooking. B2Q integrates the necessary tools for the whole process in a single suitcase, allowing people to start their barbecue elegantly and conveniently in any scenario. Modular design is used to take into account the differences in grilling habits of different people.

B2Q Kit Barbecue in Any Scenario
Qinwen Feng B2Q Kit
Qinwen Feng Barbecue in Any Scenario
Qinwen Feng design
Qinwen Feng design
Qinwen Feng

Kevin Von was born in China and got a BA in Industrial design in Taipei Shih Chien University. He was an exchange students at Pforzheim University, In Germany and a UX intern in Volvo cars. He has a passion for industrial design and UX design. Right Now He is studying for a master's degree in Grad ID of Art Center. Organized, adaptive, and playful are the tree key words about Kevin's design. He loves to create interesting and playful interactions for human needs and make all the details organized. In addition, he prefers to give users more options to decide how to interact with the product.