Wang Lu Phantom Sun System Furniture
Phantom Sun System Furniture is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Phantom Sun System Furniture

The design is inspired by the daylight, sand dunes, light and color of the future space. At the same time, it innovated the metal handle, which is called "Sword of Magic Sun" The designer used the collision of imitation metal materials and colors to give the home space more futuristic and technological sense. In the functional design, the lifestyle of the urban crowd is taken into consideration. More closed cabinet door design methods are adopted, and a small number of open compartments use color back panels to meet the display needs of users.

Phantom Sun System Furniture
Wang Lu Phantom Sun
Wang Lu System Furniture
Wang Lu design
Wang Lu design
Wang Lu

Wang Lu CEO & Founder of Guangzhou Yuantu Jichuang The leader of the whole house customization industry trend A leader in the overall design of the home furnishing industry Founded in 2001, Yuantu Space is known as an industry development wind vane design enterprise. Yuantu Space is a rare integrated design enterprise in China that integrates: brand strategic positioning, commercial space design, home product research and development, and supply chain services. In 2019, it invested in the establishment of a research and development and manufacturing base for household products. Truly a one-stop shop for the whole case: from a complete set of strategic planning system to design and implementation of commercial solutions. Since its establishment, Yuantu Space has won numerous awards, including: International German IF Design Award, German Red Dot Award, China Red Star Award, Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award, Guangdong Governor's Cup Industrial Design Competition and many other awards.

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Yuantu is a whole case design company focusing on serving the pan-home industry. The preferred design agency for leading brands in the industry Perspective and drive brand growth with design Solve each link in the whole case design: Brand MI, VI system, display SI system, finished product system, in-depth design of customized products, brand sales system, and some category supply system, so as to establish a unique business ecology.