Yusuke Tanaka U Shaped Residential House
U Shaped Residential House is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
U Shaped Residential House

The client's request was to create a house where family members can feel each other's existence wherever they are in the house. U Shaped was designed in Yonago city, Tottori prefecture, Japan in 2020. All the parts facing the road are made into walls to shut the line of sight from the outside, and the living room is bright with a large glass wall and open ceiling. It is a house where families can feel each other's existence wherever in the house they are.

U Shaped  Residential House
Yusuke Tanaka U Shaped
Yusuke Tanaka Residential House
Yusuke Tanaka design
Yusuke Tanaka design
Yusuke Tanaka

Architect Yusuke Tanaka works in Tottori Prefecture in Japan. In every project, Yusuke Tanaka listens to his clients carefully and create special buildings for them. What makes the building beautiful or not depends on a small difference. Yusuke Tanaka continues to create a comfortable space that makes inhabitants want to spend more time, while being conscious of the balance of the design. This architectural firm caters not only to Japanese clients, but also to overseas clients.

Be RIS1NG Architects

Be RIS1NG Architects is a design architecture practice based in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. This office is not afraid of failure and incorporates new technology and designs. be Rising Architects is Continuing to challenge architectural design that achieves both long-preferred design and comfort.