Aw Siao Ping Shiro Folding Seasons Coffee Table
Folding Seasons Coffee Table is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Folding Seasons Coffee Table

The concept is conceived from the Fibonacci spiral occurring in nature. This 3-dimensional spiral design is crafted using 4 concentric circles to form the top spiral while the bottom part is a flip mirror. These circles would form an endless loop resembling that of a spiraling star held in suspension. The spiral blades form undulated peaks and valleys while these points are meticulously calculated to form supports for the tabletop and base. 4 highest peaks to support the top while the subsequent 4 valleys form the bases. This gave the sculpture a sense of transparency, fluidity and cantilever

Folding Seasons Coffee Table
Aw Siao Ping Shiro Folding Seasons
Aw Siao Ping Shiro Coffee Table
Aw Siao Ping Shiro design
Aw Siao Ping Shiro design
Aw Siao Ping Shiro

Shiro received his Diploma in Interior Design from the prestigious Baharuddin Institute in Singapore before heading to the States for his Master’s program in Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD). He had shown distinguish talent in Design at the age of 16 clinching an Honorable Mentioned in the Singapore Furniture Design Competition for professionals. After completing his Master’s Program in the States, he would horn his design skills working as a Interior Designer/ Architect in notable design firms like SpAce LLC, Interior Architects and HOK. Shiro heard his callings at the age of 33 and founded SQFT, a professional Interior Design and Built firm located in Shanghai, China. SQFT has since experienced strong growth engaging international clients like Amazon, Sony, GE, IBM, AMD, Fidelity, Johnson & Johnson, Capitaland, Temasek Holdings, Hua Wei and etcs. Throughout his 30 years of design endeavors, he has never given up his true love for Sculpturing and Product design and thus, during the Pandemic lockdown, he commenced his second calling in life. He has since developed numerous one of a kind furniture pieces which would guarantee an ‘eye opener’.

Folding Seasons

XSparks is a Product Design nursery center created to expounds the vision to germinate, propagate and market leapfrog Xtra-Special design ideas to its greatest potential. The Folding Seasons table is an in-house design project identified to best demonstrate the process of transporting an ‘idea to reality’ fully supported by ample resources made available by our collaborators.