Gudbjørg Simonsen Jaeren Residential Apartment
Jaeren Residential Apartment is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Jaeren Residential Apartment

The story begins at Jaeren, a small area on the west coast of Norway known for its beautiful beaches. The client had bought his grandparent's apartment. Living elsewhere, he wanted to stay in his childhood favorite spot when visiting friends and family. Simonsen never actually met her client, but since the essence of her design philosophy is to understand and design her client's desires; how could she succeed in transforming the apartment to a contemporary version whilst preserving loving memories from his childhood? Simonsen turned to the nature at Jaeren.

Jaeren  Residential Apartment
Gudbjørg Simonsen Jaeren
Gudbjørg Simonsen Residential Apartment
Gudbjørg Simonsen design
Gudbjørg Simonsen design
Gudbjørg Simonsen

I`m an Independent Interior Architect with broad experience in designing beautiful homes. Transforming my clients’ desires into reality, I emphasize holistic design and masterful space management. My Scandinavian touch is blended with elegance and passion, making every project an unique experience for my clients. Designing + Desire