Keiji Ishikawa Elan Vital Glass Tableware
Elan Vital Glass Tableware is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Elan Vital Glass Tableware

Because of regularly arranging the motifs of matching cups that imagine a fun encounter, the design is full of dynamism that evokes vivid polka dots, splashes, or bait balls of a large school of fish spinning in the water. Additionally, when viewed from the side or top, the seams of the inner cup shine through or reflect while changing in various ways, giving people a sense of the dynamism of life and filling them with healing and happiness. There are multiple types of glassware, such as wine glasses, sake cups, plates, and rock glasses.

Elan Vital Glass Tableware
Keiji Ishikawa Elan Vital
Keiji Ishikawa Glass Tableware
Keiji Ishikawa design
Keiji Ishikawa design
Keiji Ishikawa

The designer had been learning the techniques of the traditional Japanese glass-cutting method "KIRIKO" for five years in Tokyo. Then, He moved to Tokushima and built up his working studio for the original creation of cutting glasses in 2019. He is making the original design covering a wide range of daily items such as glasses, dishes, lampshades, and so on, aiming to give people a sense of peace of mind and enrich everyday life. He is recently interested in glassblowing and is making original multilayered glasses for cutting, appealing to human sensitivity.

KJ studio

"KJ" is short for "Kiriko J'adore," which means that everybody becomes to know the beauty of Japanese cutting glass KIRIKO and loves it. KJ studio produces various types of cutting glassware, such as wine glasses, sake cups, plates, rock glasses, lampshades, accessories, and so on, to enrich user's daily life.