Tugce Sonmez Evin Berliner Multifunctional Pouf
Berliner Multifunctional Pouf is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Berliner Multifunctional Pouf

Berliner is a round seating unit with enhanced functionality for waiting lounges, offices and houses. The design provides additional storage space for magazines, books etc. in a practical and appealing way. Nestlike wooden core of the pouf stores objects securely and visibly to the user. Berliner is upholstered with faux fur for a soft velvety touch and to emphasize comfort. It is named after the famous German pastry, Berliner (A.k.a. Kraupfen), because of its resemblance.

Berliner Multifunctional Pouf
Tugce Sonmez Evin Berliner
Tugce Sonmez Evin Multifunctional Pouf
Tugce Sonmez Evin design
Tugce Sonmez Evin design
Tugce Sonmez Evin

Tugce Sonmez Evin is a multi-disciplinary industrial designer with a great passion for storytelling. As she has worked in the film industry for many years, she had the chance to be a part of re-creation of different time periods on sets. Those experiences, added to her industrial design degree, has led to the creation of her design language; presenting extraordinary experiences through ordinary objects. In her designs, simple objects come with unexpected aspects along with their function. She embraces minimalism as a result of the “Form follows function” doctrine she follows since the early years of her design carreer.

Kitbox Design

Kitbox Design is an Istanbul based Design Studio, founded by Industrial Designer Tugce Sonmez Evin, that mainly focuses on quality handcrafted home and office accessories and lighting design. Kitbox's design approach is formed around the most traditional and natural materials, such as wood, glass, copper and brass, that are crafted by hand into durable, modern and classy everyday objects. ​In most of Kitbox's designs, machine processed flawless pieces are combined with handcrafted unique pieces and all are connected into an eclectic yet integral design by hand. Coming from an Industrial Design base, Kitbox’s sense of aesthetics is mostly shaped around geometry and overcoming impossibilities of the forms through design. The idea is creating a quality elegance that presents the talents of handcrafting through minimalistic designs and put a new perspective into ordinary everyday experiences.