tang kuaiyu Tongming Vision Correction Logo
Tongming Vision Correction Logo is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Tongming Vision Correction Logo

Tongming Vision Correction Center is a national chain organization specializing in correcting the vision of young people and children. The logo name of Tongming means pupil and bright in English and therefore, the pupil is adopted as the main design element. Three pupils of different degrees are arranged and designed to show the correction process of pupils from blurred to clear. The overall design of the logo is novel, easy to identify, and has a strong visual impact.

Tongming Vision Correction Logo
tang kuaiyu Tongming Vision Correction
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tang kuaiyu design
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Tang Kuaiyu is an all-round graphic designer, adept at information dissemination design such as LOGO and brand design, typography, creative concept and visualization, etc. Adhering to the core idea of thinking twice before acting, he has focused on brand services so far, and has unique insights in design creativity and business thinking. He is passionate about creating more effective and authentic designs, starting from needs, using design means to solve problems, focusing on expression and logic, and creating brand system positioning. After years of cooperation with various types of corporate customers, he can adapt to and deal with brand needs of various styles.

Shanghai Tongming Vision Correction Center

Tongming exclusively launched the vision prevention and control service mode of "store training+family training+science popularization+nutrition", which provides personalized correction services for the vision correction and prevention of young people and children. It is highly praised and trusted by the majority of parents, and has enabled tens of thousands of young people to remove their glasses, opening up a new way of healthy and green vision prevention and control.