Kuanxi Li Mking Party K Ktv
Mking Party K Ktv is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Mking Party K Ktv

In the space conception of mking, stylist to wider time-space reversal of the usual recreation space mode of thinking, build strength, passionate, shock and crush site atmosphere, disturb the order of all balance and reconstruction function, in the player, sometimes the universe and self small, sometimes feel grand existence and nothingness. The dream of light and color set with the magic of heartache, the dazzling color of charm knocked on the door of a journey of time and space.

Mking Party K Ktv
Kuanxi Li Mking Party K
Kuanxi Li Ktv
Kuanxi Li design
Kuanxi Li design
Kuanxi Li

Kuanxi Li PCD design founder Partner of Nanjing Jishehui Cultural Development Co., LTD Visiting teacher of Architecture and Art Major of Southeast University National first-class decoration interior designer Member of the Special Committee of Display Art of China Architectural Culture Research Association Guanghua Longteng Award Top 100 Outstanding Youth in China 2020 Won the Gold Award of Lighting Space Design of Display China ยท Crystal Kylin Award 2021 won the "100 Designers Think Tank" designer Design idea: Physical things in nature are fluid, but the "forms" or "ideas" that make them up are immutable.

PCD Design

PCD Design, balance "Tao" and "device", always stand in the original, return to the original heart, adhere to measurable material space and immeasurable spiritual pursuit, the use of point, line and surface language expression, reading and fusion out of the design core: "the eyes of space is breath".